Getting off the Bench!

I started working with my Spiritual Coach Donnalynn almost two months ago.

I know Donnalynn from when I used to take Yoga classes in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2011. She was always one of my favorite yoga teachers in NYC because of her vulnerable & relatable dharma talks around love and letting go. Her wise speeches always stuck with me because at the time, I was going through a heartbreak-- the boy I felt a special connection with ( we had met on the set of the dance movie, Step Up 3D in Brooklyn) went back to California. I felt Donnalynn could understand my loss because she shared in her talks about a fiance who had broken off her engagement to be with someone else.  We both knew heartbreak and her words were my medicine. I was 21 or 22 at the time. Funny to think about it now... forward to like January 2018 - I was sitting in Jenny's Santa Monica house on my lap top anxiously applying to jobs on LinkedIn, and Donnalynn's LinkedIn posts popped up. It said something about learning to "take the lesson and go" or "things fall apart to fall back together." Reading her posts reminded me of how much I used to enjoy her dharma talks. I also happened to be confused about a certain relationship and her words again were so consoling and I found comfort amidst the chaos......again. One thing led to another, and Donnalynn became my Spiritual Coach.

Soooo....Today I was having my coaching call with DL and boy oh boy does she deliver the wisdom. We often talk about Law of Attraction and how our thoughts create our reality. I asked her ..."Well I believed for like 10 years that Justin Timberlake and I were going to work together and ...what happened with that?"  

She answered - "It was not the right field because your composition and vibration is a healer." It all made perfect sense. Now, she is not the first person to ever tell me that Im a healer, but as an empath, I always knew it deep down. Wisdom nugget: As soon as you surrender to who you are, that's when the growth happens. 

DL explained to me that in life there is fate and free will. You have to get off the bench and tell the Universe what you want!

I was explaining to her that I was having some blockages around following my heart NOW, because when I followed my heart pursuing performing for 10 years, it didn't lead me to health and happiness. I asked her...what can I do? She said when you get off the bench and go in motion, the universe will grab you. She said to keep me eyes open for the sign and ask for the Guidance.

So I did just that....and the signs started happening! Today while I was driving home from work, an old friend of mine who happens to be an agent in Boca Raton, mentioned I could potentially do some swimsuit modeling (I thought oh, ok that could be fun and help support my yoga certification expenses.)

Then when I came home, I had a message waiting in my inbox from a female Entrepreneur who started helping me understand money more....and offered to mentor me.

Lord knows Ive had root chakra issues around money for some time now. Well Im out of that closet now. I have no fear. Im ready for more guidance. Bring it on Universe!