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My health journey was not easy! I know how it feels to be sick!  

 At the age of 13, I had emergency brain surgery. When I was 14 years old, the doctor told me that I needed arthroscopic hip surgery from a dance injury. I was depressed & sexually repressed as a teen and suffered from cystic acne . Later, I battled emotional eating in college, IBS, tinea versicolor, and family trauma. 

For 16 years, dozens of doctors put me on prescription oral and topical drugs for my cystic acne which led to IBS.  At 18 years old, I was on a TV show called True Life: I Have Acne to document my experience taking the controversial drug: Accutane. That didn't work either. 

 I had horrible digestive issues that the doctor thought could be cured by birth control pills and spironolactone. I later made the connection that the IBS, acne and depression were all being caused by an allergy to dairy and soy, and a gluten intolerance.    

Over the years, I have taken the alternative route in order to heal my holistic body, and this is what I now do for others: I emphasize nutrition and well as mental, physical and spiritual wellness.



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