At the age of 13, without any prior warning or indication, Alexa’s brain began to bleed and no one could figure out why. Alexa required emergency brain surgery to save her life. To get through the traumatic experience, she glued herself to her iPod, listening to music nearly 24 hours a day, both before and after her surgery - music would come to be her greatest remedy.

"When I was in my hospital bed, I felt so isolated and all I ever wanted was to sing and listen to music...I remember asking my mom if "Nsync" could come to the hospital to sing to me," Alexa recounts. Alexa could relate to the pain that she heard, expressed in the records she was listening to and it made her feel a little less lonely and isolated.

Upon leaving the hospital and returning to ’normal’ teenage life, Alexa had a difficult time identifying with and relating to her peers. While other kids were busy partying, getting drunk and smoking weed, Alexa was filled with a deep and soulful yearning to sing, dance and celebrate her second chance at life, which she did. What was initially the most traumatic experience of her life would also come to be the means to awaken her to the beauty and splendor of simply being alive.

Never before has there been a solo female recording artist signed to a major label that has had brain surgery and survived. Alexa is a survivor and she’s ready to share herself and her story with her global fan base and the nation at large. Her intention is to use her story, expressed through her music to help liberate individuals faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles of their pain, just as music did for her.



When Justin Timberlake heard of Alexa's story via her Florida Community, he gave her 8th row tickets to his show and invited her to meet him backstage. It was one of the happiest days of Alexa's life. Inspired by his creativity and compassion, Alexa made the decision, right in that moment to one day produce her very own record.



Alexa’s Music

Alexa Heller’s soulful artistry is a passionate pairing of Pop and R&B sounds. Her dynamic vocal range and sensual vocals groove to the beat of the songstress’s undeniably catchy hooks, confessional lyrics, and exuberant warmth. With her breathy spoken word passages and invitation to dance, the charming chanteuse delivers an electric feel good experience. Alexa pulls from buoyant pop, elastic R&B and funk. Her artistry pulls from a combination of Justin Timberlake, James Brown, Beyonce, Mariah, Janet & Britney. As a live performer, Alexa was the youngest Independent Pop R&B Artist to ever sell out a show at Jazziz Nightclub in Boca Raton Florida. She’s built a robust profile with dazzling performances at legendary NYC venues such as The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square with Nick Cannon, The Bitter End, Pianos, Cafe Vivaldi, The Big Apple Indie Music Series and Village Underground. Her buzzed about song “Empire”& "Gentleman" both received radio play on WHUD 100.7 for The Hudson Valley Artist’s Spotlight in NY. She has also been featured on MTV, ABC Nightline (watch her Viral Video Here) and made an appearance on American Idol Season 13. She’s featured in, International Blogs and numerous radio shows including The Chelsea Krost Show. She has over 7,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Combined. Her first homemade “Twitter” music video reached over 8,000 organic views. She is currently working on her first EP and preparing for a Label Showcase at Lava Records with Jason Flom.

Alexa is also the first independent artist to ever perform 40 consecutive weekly shows on, a platform that has enabled her to build relationships with her fans internationally. Alexa values community and using community as a means to raise awareness. In early 2013, Alexa used her Stageit platform to raise $400 to donate to an innovative mental health community called, "Our Elegant Minds" to help people with severe mental illnesses.